What Happened To Love and Pebble After The Shark Tank?


What is Love and Pebble skincare?

Are you ready to learn the number one secret to flawless skin? As a company, Love and Pebble has innovated skincare tips that will have you swooning over your own skin in no time. The Beauty Pops, their breakthrough product, is currently changing the world.

Basically, it’s a lollypop that helps reduce facial puffiness. There is nothing else on the market quite like Beauty Pops. It employs cryotherapy and the techniques of face masks that are good for the skin. It’s convenient, simple, and, most importantly, gentle on the skin.

Company Name:Love and Pebble
Founder:Lynda Truong and Paul Truong
Founded:November 2018
Product:Natural beauty product lines
Asked For:$150,000 for a 10% equity
Final Deal:No Deals
Business Status:In Business
Love and pebble net worth 2022:$ 1.5 million
Shark:No Shark
Headquarters:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Air Date:Nov 19, 2021
Episode (Shark Tank USA):Season 13 Episode 7
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Love and Pebble Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Who’s the owner of Love and Pebble?

Founder Lynda Truong and Paul Tran got the idea for their natural skincare line, Love & Pebbles, from seeing the way penguins show their affection for one another.

In March 2020, the married couple who started the company in 2018 created Beauty Pops, a new product made of natural antioxidant fruits.

Love and Pebble net worth 2022

There hasn’t been a successful shark tank transaction for Love and Pebble beauty pop. The business is still active and in good condition, as stated in Lynda and Paul’s original offer of $1.5 million as a love and pebble net worth in 2022. Consequently, the company’s wealth may have increased.

After Shark Tank, what happened to Love and Pebble?

Without an investment, Love & Pebbled exits the sharks. However, they are still on their way as a natural skincare provider and have been featured in some of the greatest magazines.

Customers’ positive experiences with the brand continue to inspire a viral post.

The Shark Tank: What Happened There?

Lynda and Paul presented their business plan to the sharks in exchange for $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company.

The process of creating a Beauty Pop on your behalf is simple. After mixing the face powder with water and inserting the stick into the mold, the mixture should be frozen for 4 hours. Now is the time to nurture your skin with your Beauty Pop.

When Paul assured Daniel and Mark that the Beauty Pop could be eaten, Mark tasted it but found the flavor to be unpleasant.

Kevin wanted to know how this product performed in comparison to cryotherapy methods that used water. Then, without any further ado, Lynda and Paul decided to dive into detailing the unique selling points of their wares.

Paul works as a pharmacist by profession. Lynda’s regular practice of applying antioxidants to her face for acne treatment was noteworthy. There is now a single brand, Beauty Pops, that appeals to both of these routines and careers.

Paul announced in May that sales of over $100,000 in just four days happened after the product’s launch in March. Lynda’s mom had her face changed for a TikTok video that went viral and helped finance their swift rise to fame.

What’s the status of Love and Pebble?

Within a few months of meeting with Shark, Linda and Paul had developed a successful business model and had secured distribution on HSN.

However, the company’s Beauty Pops product is underperforming on Amazon. During the month of December 2022, 85 Amazon customers rated this product.

The new Dermaroller Kit and Cryo Gua Sha Face Tool from the entrepreneur can be purchased for $16.99 and $22, respectively.

There are between five to ten people operating out of this company’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

As of the end of the year 2022, Love and Pebble are still operating.

Love & Pebble’s competitors.

Love and Pebble Beauty Pops are unrivaled in the market. The product hasn’t changed. However, despite being a potential competitor, Amazon does not currently carry any goods by California Natural Beauty Pops.

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