What Happened To AnyTongs Kitchen Tool After Shark Tank?


Tog, a businessman from Clifton, New Jersey, appeared on Shark Tank to promote his product, AnyTongs. As compensation, he proposed a 20% stake in the company for $150,000.

The rubberized hole of AnyTongs allows users to connect any combination of forks or spoons, turning them into multipurpose kitchen tongs. The concept’s adaptability and guarantee against contamination wowed the sharks.

Tog mentioned that he made $2 for each pair of AnyTongs but charged $19.99 for them. He started a Kickstarter project that garnered nearly $33,000. Tog was able to secure an investment from the Tongs shark tank and close a business agreement.

What are Any Tongs?

Anytongs are a multipurpose pair of kitchen tongs that may also be used as a spatula or spoon. The spring-action mechanism in the tongs makes them convenient to use, even for those with weak hands.

AnyTongs is an accessory for the kitchen that can be used to convert common cutlery into tongs. It might get pricey to buy individual tongs for each type of utensil that is available.

Thankfully, Shark tank tongs offer a service that does away with the requirement of using several tongs. This handy tool can transform a wide variety of spoons and forks into tongs with no effort.

The spring press tool on the AnyTongs’ plastic design makes it simple to attach the tongs to virtually any type of eating item. AnyTongs retail for $12.99 for a single pack or $19.99 for two. You may also purchase this item on Amazon.

Who is the founder of Any Tongs?

Tog Samphel, a product designer who has worked for a wide range of organizations, released the device in 2020. After obtaining a job offer from AOL in 2004, Samphel decided to forego his academic education and spend a year working as an Experience Designer at AOL Entertainment.

AnyTongs solves the problem of needing many tongs in the kitchen.

Samphel decided to leave his position at Loop Company in January 2023 in order to devote his entire time to the company.

Samphel went on Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 13 to pitch a 20% ownership investment in the company for $150,000 at a $750K value. AnyTongs is an innovative solution to a common problem in the kitchen.

AnyTongs Shark Tank Update

Company NameAnyTongs
FounderTog Samphel
ProductEasily converts a fork and spoon into tongs.
Asked For$150K for 20% equity
Final Deal$150K for 49% equity
SharkDaymond John
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S14 E13
Air DateJan 27, 2023
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersClifton, New Jersey, United States
Lifetime Worth (Sales)$40,454
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Another Shark Tank Pitch:

AnyTongs: how it works?

The AnyTongs are a multipurpose kitchen tool that works as tongs, spatula, spoon, and fork all in one.

AnyTongs is meant to streamline your kitchen routine by removing the need for extra implements. Its innovative shape makes it simple to toss, mix, scoop, and serve food.

The tool’s design prioritizes flexibility and ease of use, making it perfect for any kitchen operation. AnyTongs may be used in the grill, oven, pan, or panini press. As a result of its versatility, you won’t have to keep as many tools in the kitchen.

What Happened to Any Tongs After Shark Tank Show?

AnyTongs is a handy kitchen gadget that may be used in place of traditional tongs. Tog Samphel, a product designer who left the university in 2004, established it in 2020.

Daymond John invested $150,000 in AnyTongs in exchange for 49% of the company after seeing the company on Shark Tank.

In March 2023, Tog Samphel reported that the transaction he pitched for with Daymond had been finalized on Shark Tank and that shark tank tongs company had subsequently experienced significant growth.

Is AnyTongs Still in Business?

There is still a chance to buy AnyTongs on Amazon as of January 2023. AnyTongs are available in single packs for $12.99 and double packs for $19.99.

Tog Samphel, a creator of AnyTongs, pitched his company on Season 14 Episode 13 of Shark Tank, offering $150,000 in exchange for 20% stock at a $750K valuation.

Daymond John invested $150,000 for 49% of shares after the sharks were impressed with the idea.


Who founded AnyTongs?

Tog Samphel founded AnyTongs in 2020.

What is the net worth of AnyTongs?

A value of $306,000 has been placed on AnyTongs.

AnyTongs: How Does It Work?

With AnyTongs, you can turn any spoon or fork into a pair of tongs, eliminating the need for a set of separate implements.

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