What Happened To Mella Pet Care After Shark Tank?


Mella Pet Care After Shark Tank Update: Mella Pet Care is a pet services company that sells heat monitoring devices like pet thermometers. The company was founded in 2019 by Anya Babbitt and Ben Saidman. The reason for starting this company was to take the pet care industry to the next level through technology.

The founding team of this company has contributed to making many medical devices. In 2015, they created a pulse oximeter and an infrared thermometer for babies. They also made thermometers for pets and after some time, they rescued a dog who was named Mella.

What Is Mella Pet Care?


Mela Pet Care has created a pet thermometer to measure and track pets’ health and show the results. Whatever the thermometer tracks, you will see it in the Mella app. There is also a Pro version of this thermometer which includes an Axillary Probe, Wireless Charger, and Onboarding Tools.

Apart from this, they sell Biggie Home Scale, Axillary, Rectal Sensor, and more. You can also take monthly and yearly subscriptions which will cost you $15 and $90.

Who Is The Founder Of Mella?

The founders of “Mella Pet Care” company are Anya Babbitt and Ben Saidman. Apart from being a marketing specialist, Saidman has very good knowledge related to business. He has also worked in a corporate company named Splitting Fares.

Mella Pet Care Shark Tank Update

Company NameMella Pet Care
FounderDaniella Morgan-Pascualvaca, Anya Babbitt
and Ben Saidman
ProductHealth Monitoring Devices for Vets & Parents
Asked For$250k for 2.5% equity
Final Deal$250k for 6% equity
SharkMark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S15 E16
Air DateMarch 1, 2024
Business StatusIn Business
Mella Pet Care Net Worth$0.2M *estimated
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, USA
Mella Pet Care InstagramView Profile
Mella Pet Care shark tank update and company details

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Mella Pet Care on Shark tank Pitch

Daniella, Anya & Ben after entering Shark Tank, asked the Sharks for $250k for 2.5% equity. They explained to the sharks about their product health monitoring device made for dogs. They have sold 2,500 devices so far and have made $160,000 in revenue.

This product was launched in the early 2022. The Mella Pro has a manufacturing cost of $40 and is sold for $159. Customer acquisition cost is $4. Kevin O’Leary is concerned about why sales are so low.

Lori Greiner said that this business is still in its early stages, and that’s why she is out. Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John also refused to invest in this company.

Mark Cuban offered $250k for 6% equity at a $4.2 Million Valuation. Daniel Lubetzky told the founders that your valuation is crazy, so he is out. Anya countered $350k for 6% equity Mark refused. They accepted Mark Cuban’s offer.

Mella Pet Care Net Worth

Mella Pet Care’s net worth is estimated at $0.2 million. The pet healthcare market size is an estimated $2 billion in the United States. Along with new technology, many startups are also being formed.

Is Mella Pet Care Still In Business?

Yes, Mella Pet Care is still in business as of March 2024.

Three co-founders are focusing on scaling this company. According to us, this is a revolutionary idea which, if successfully executed, can create a very big brand soon.

The headquarters of this service company is in Chicago, Illinois, United States and it currently has 11-50 employees.


Who is the Founder of Mella Pet Care?

Mella Pet Care was founded by Daniella Morgan-Pascualvaca, Anya Babbitt and Ben Saidman.

What Is Mella Pet Care’s Net Worth?

Mella Pet Care’s net worth is estimated at $0.2 million.

Is Mella Pet Care Still In Business?

Yes, Mella Pet Care is still in business as of March 2024.

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