What Happened To Lifter Hamper After Shark Tank?


Lifter Hamper After Shark Tank Update: Thousands of people with back problems are going to fall in love with the Lifter Hamper since it is the trendiest clothing hamper available. Marvin Phillip, an NFL star picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006, is the inventor of The Lifter Hamper. In 2008, Phillip suffered a back ailment that made even bending down painful, therefore ending his season.

What Is Lifter Hamper?

The Lifter Hamper is a bungee spring-loaded laundry basket that sinks as laundry is added but then rebounds to its original height when the basket is removed for transfer to the washing machine or dryer.

Who Is The Founder Of Lifter Hamper?

Lifter Hamper was created by former National Football League player Marvin Phillip, whose playing career was cut short due to injuries.

Marvin Phillip Founder Of Lifter Hamper

Marvin Philip experienced excruciating pain in his low back as a result of injuries sustained while playing football with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills. After suffering injuries, Marvin Philip came up with the Lifter Hamper.

Because of his discomfort and restricted mobility, he looked for an alternative to using hampers that necessitate bending down to remove filthy objects.

To avoid having to bend over, he has designed the groundbreaking Lifter Hamper, which is constructed of a material that lifts the clothes from the bottom when the top is removed.


  • To facilitate the laundry process.
  • Excellent complement for individuals with back discomfort.
  • It’s large but compact.


  • These wheels don’t seem to be as regulated as they should be.
  • After using it for a few months, the straps break.
  • Weak in durability.

Know About the Lifter Hamper Shark Tank Update

Marvin didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank, but viewers’ favorable response convinced Phillip he was onto something. Marvin launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com to fund the Lifter Hamper within a few months.

Marvin’s $25k target for the Lifter Hamper was more achievable this time. He may have made another mistake by not coordinating the crowd fundraising effort with the Shark Tank Effect, which introduced millions of people to this product.

The Lifter Hamper raised over $10,000 during the crowdfunding campaign, and requests for the device continued afterward.

Marvin extended the campaign by $2500 and raised $4990.
Last month, Lifter Hampers produced a finished product video.
The Lifter Hamper is eventually available for purchase after an uncertain beginning.

Lifter Hamper Shark Tank Update

Lifter Hamper Net worth before on Shark Tank708,333 USD (business valuation)
Lifter Hamper Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 04 Episode 04
Company nameLifter Hamper
ProductSpring-loaded washing hamper that lifts clothing from the bottom to avoid bending.
FounderMarvin Phillip
Asked for$85,000 for 12% Equity
Final dealNo deal 
SharkNo shark
Business statusOut of  Business
Lifter Hamper Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Lifter Hamper After Shark Tank

After his participation in Shark Tank, Marvin Phillip instantly began an Indiegogo.com crowdfunding campaign.

Despite dropping his asking price to $25,000, he didn’t launch his campaign to coincide with the episode’s airing.

Marvin managed to raise 10 thousand dollars for the Lifter Hamper, and he was the one who got that amount. A message from 2015 promoting Household Essentials remains at the top of their feed.

Customer reviews have been very excellent for the Lifter Hamper, which is presently on sale on Amazon for around half. It seems that Lifter Hamper is keeping going strong despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank.


Lifter Hamper Net Worth

Forbes and other business insiders have recently claimed that Lifter Hamper estimated net Worth is a few million dollars. In addition to daily increases in revenue, Lifter Hamper is also enjoying steadily rising levels of popularity.

Year Net Worth
2019$1 Million
2020$1.5 Million
20212 Million
20222.5 Million
Lifter Hamper Net Worth

Is Lifter HamperStill In Business?

No. Lifter Hamper is not in business.

Household Essentials is in charge of marketing and distribution of the Lifter Hamper, which Marvin Phillips licensed to them. As of August 1, 2015, the contract was fully enforceable.

One of the most innovative products available right now is the Lifter Hamper, and you can get it through the Amazon store or with Amazon Prime.

Phillip did not get a contract on Shark Tank in 2012, but the viewers encouraged him to keep going, so he started an Indiegogo campaign in 2013. Phillip was able to secure the funding to see his Lifter Hamper project through to completion.

Lifter Hamper Competitors

A good alternative to the Lifter Hamper is the Yamazaki Tower Laundry Hamper. This $35 basket eliminates the need to bend down to pick up laundry.


Who Founded Lifter Hamper?

Lifter Hamper was founded by retired NFL sports Marvin Phillip.

What is Lifter Hamper Net Worth?

Lifter Hamper Net Worth is 2.5 Million.

Is Lifter Hamper Still In Business?

No. Lifter Hamper is not in business.

Who owns Lifter Hamper right now?

Household Essentials, an online merchant, purchased Lifter Hamper.

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