What Happened To Afresheet After Shark Tank?


What happened to Afresheet shark tank Pitch? – An Update from AFreSheet.

What is AFreSheet?

Episode 709 of Shark Tank features Maxwell Cohen pitching his brand of disposable, waterproof bedding called AFreSheet. Cohen developed the patent-pending invention to ease the burden of doing laundry in a college dorm, as he experienced firsthand.

What is AFreSheet?

Who created AFreSheet?

Maxwell Cohen, a college student studying Environmental Water Resource Economics, launched AFreSheet after noting that many of his classmates didn’t clean their bedsheets.

He set out to develop soft, affordable, and eco-friendly disposable bedding. He started playing around with bedsheets from hospitals until he found the right blend of materials.

Since then, he has expanded his company, Peel Away Labs, to offer disposable linens for all bed sizes, including a line called Camp a Peel that appeals specifically to summer camp.

Afresheet Before Shark Tank

If you spend very little time at home but a lot of time in bed, you know how difficult it can be to find the time to clean your bed and keep out any ill germs or yuck. Afresheet, created by Maxwell Cohen, is an excellent solution to avoid unpleasant odors in your bedroom.

Keep reading to learn more about Afresheet and whether or if the Sharks are ready to get into bed with a fresh pair of sheets and an exciting product.

The Afresheet shark tank update: 2023

Despite the show’s success in promoting the product, it was never a commercial success. Those who did try them on said that the rough polyester fabric was too irritating to wear.

It definitely didn’t help that Afresheet only came in twin and twin XL sizes. That really reduced the number of people who would buy from them.

The product was still available for purchase on their website. They eventually started selling it online, including on Amazon. Yet even within the retailing giant, it didn’t fare so well. One indicator of the product’s popularity is that it received just 11 reviews during its entire run on the site.
The issue was made worse by the widespread negativity of the reviews. Since they are “thin,” “uncomfortable,” and “tear readily,” some have taken to referring to them as “paper sheets.

Furthermore, many customers have questioned the sheets’ recyclability because polyester fibers are used in their manufacture.

Afresheet shark tank update

Founder NameMaxwell Cohen
BusinessDisposable, tear-away sheets  
In Episode8 of Season 7 of Shark Tank  
Ask  $100,000 for 20% equity  
ResultNo deal
Afresheet net worth 2022net worth is unavailable
AFreSheet still in businessAFreSheet ceased operations in April 2021
AFreSheet TwitterVisit Here
AFreSheet Founder TwitterVisit Here
Afresheet shark tank update

After participating in Shark Tank, companies may accept offers from one or more Sharks or decide to go it alone. Sharks usually contribute funding and/or experience to assist a firm in flourishing after a deal.

Even without a contract, Shark Tank may enhance a company’s visibility and revenue. Even without an agreement, many companies saw sales increase after participating in the show.

The company must capitalize on Shark Tank’s visibility and opportunity to expand and succeed.


What is AFreSheet?

AFreSheet is an eco-friendly manufacturer of disposable, waterproof sheets. There are seven sheets in each AFreSheet set, and they cost $29.95.

Who developed AFreSheet?

Maxwell Cohen invented AFreSheet as a direct result of his time spent in higher education.

What is Afresheet net worth in 2022?

In Episode 8 of Season 7 of Shark Tank, Maxwell pitches his startup, AFreSheet, asking for a $100,000 investment in return for 20% ownership, valuing the company at $500,000.

How much was AFreSheet?

There are seven sheets in each set, and they cost $29.95.

How much did they ask on Shark Tank?

Maxwell Cohen went on “Shark Tank” to present his business idea and seek $100,000 in exchange for a 20% interest.

Have investors shown interest in AFreSheet?

The “sharks” did not invest in AFreSheet.

AFreSheet after Shark Tank: what happened?

Maxwell has increased the company’s funding and launched Peel Away Labs to provide a disposable, waterproof covering for beds of all sizes.
His collection of Camp a Peel bedding is also designed with campers in mind.

Afresheet shark tank pitch

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