How ADANI Become Rich By Adani Wilmar (FMCG)?

Adani Wilmar Company has recently launched its IPO. In today’s date, whose value is 733.55₹. Which has increased by 1.61%. A company that played an important role in increasing Adani’s net worth by 894% after the Pandemic and trailing Mukesh Ambani.

All About Adani Wilmar

Friends, Adani Wilmar is a joint venture between Gautam Adani of India and a company from Singapore. Which basically produces FMCG products ie. Fast-moving consumer goods.

If we talk about their products present in the market, then one name which is famous in every household of India and you must have eaten some of its products, is Fortune. Fortune’s products are used in every household. Be it fortune flour, fortune rice, fortune refined oil, or any other product.

Apart from the number one edible oil company Fortune, Adani Wilmar’s Jubilee and Golden chef brands are also present in the market.

Apart from this, this company also introduced its product in the range of soaps and hand sanitizers in 2020-21 under the name Alife. Not only this, but Adani Wilmar is also the largest exporter of Castor oil in India.


Adani Wilmar Worldwide

In the year 2004, he started his export division Adani Wilmar Ltd. was started and in today’s date, they export their products to many other countries including America, South Asian countries, Middle East countries, and Africa.

Today Adani Wilmar has 22 manufacturing units in about 10 states of the country and has access to more than 5500 distributors.

Friends, keep in mind that Adani Wilmar’s different from Adani groups. Adani Wilmar is the company’s CEO and MD Angshu Mallick joined the company as soon as it started.

Now this question must also be coming to your mind that other companies have also launched IPO, then how is Adani Wilmar different from those other companies?

The thing to note is that companies like policy market, and Zomato, which have launched IPO, were running at loss.

Growing Continuously

On the other hand, if you look at the performance of Adani Wilmar, then this company is growing continuously. If you see the profit of the last three years of the company, then in 2019 their profit was 376 crores, which increased to 461 crores in 2020. And in 2021 it became 729 crores.

Even during the time of the Means pandemic, the company has increased its profit margin twice as fast.

Talking about Adani Wilmar’s business strategy, his strategy is mainly that he also acquired other brands present in the market. Like he bought two big brands of rice in the market, Kohinoor and Charminar.

Now fortune rice was a brand, which had already made its place in the minds of the people. And Kohinoor was a premium-level brand. While Charminar is a budget brand and now because all three belong to Adani Wilmar. Adani Wilmar has made its reach to every category of the consumer in the market in terms of rice.

This is also the reason behind the rise of Adani Wilmar’s. To have access to every category of buyer.

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