What Happened To Sienna Sauce After Shark Tank?


Sienna Sauce After Shark Tank Update: Sauces can completely alter the flavor of a food. The appropriate sauce can round out the flavor of any grilled meat, whether it’s wings, ribs, or burgers. Some foods would be unrecognizable without their trademark sauces; for example, a salad without a vinaigrette dressing would just be a bowl of raw vegetables. Sienna Sauce could answer your prayers if you’re tired of dull meals.

What Is Sienna Sauce?


Sienna Sauce is a brand of barbecue sauces known for its robust southern flavors and many applications (marinade, dip, glaze).

Tyla-Simone Crayton, the company’s 17-year-old CEO, has already amassed a six-figure income due to her innovative products. Sienna Sauce is available in three distinct tastes (Spicy, Lemon Pepper, and Tangy) and is made without gluten or high fructose corn syrup.


  • Gluten-Free.
  • Fructose-free corn syrup.
  • 4x less sodium.
  • It’s the ideal consistency for a uniform coating on meat.


  • Flavors are limited.
  • Sizes limited.

Who Is The Founder Of Sienna Sauce?

Tyla-Simone Crayton created Sienna Sauce, then eight years old, in 2017 after her go-to wing restaurant closed. In an attempt to replicate their sauce, she wound up creating something even better.

Know About the Sienna Sauce Shark Tank Update

Tyla-Simone and her mother, Monique Crayton pitched Sienna Sauce to the Sharks in episode 1214, asking for $100,000 for 10% of the business. Sienna Sauce and Kendra Scott exchanged $100,000 for 20% equity.

Since Shark Tank, Sienna Sauce has done well. The company has increased its distribution to Wegman’s, Walmart, Sienna Sauce, and Amazon.

Sienna Sauce added the Smoky Brown flavor in 2023. Tyla-Simone is helping Kendra Scott develop new flavors and improve internet marketing.

The extraordinary flavor and adaptability of Sienna Sauce have won it many accolades. Gluten-free, high fructose corn syrup-free, and 4x lower in salt than other sauces, the sauce is nutritious.

Sienna Sauce Shark Tank Update

Company NameSienna Sauce
FounderMonique Crayton and Tyla-Simone Crayton
ProductLine of Bold, Flavourful Sauces
Asked For$100k for 10% Equity
Final Deal$100k for 20% Equity
SharkKendra Scott
Sienna Sauce Shark Tank Episode S12 E14
Air DateFebruary 19, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Sienna Sauce Net Worth$500K Estimated
AddressLe Claire, Iowa, United States
Sienna Sauce InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Sienna Sauce Shark Tank and Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Sienna Sauce on Shark Tank Pitch


The Sienna Sauce, created by Shark Tank contestants Monique and Tyla-Simone Crayton, is a multipurpose sauce with a wide range of foods.

The startup founders were looking to raise $1,000,000 for 10% ownership in exchange for $100,000. 

The Sharks were impressed with their presentation and the quality of the samples they were given. Kendra thought the sauce and Tyla’s business sense were both fantastic.

Tyla accepted Kendra’s offer of $100,000 for a 20% ownership in the business. Immediately following the premiere, Sienna Sauce got widespread media notice, leading to an investment from ABC Entertainment Corporation.

Despite an increase in demand following its appearance on Shark Tank, Sienna Sauce has successfully managed its expansion. 

The sauce is sold in 19 different stores in Texas, New York, and Ohio, on Amazon and at Wegmans in New Jersey and New York. Revenue for the year ending December 2021 was $650,000.

Sienna Sauce After Shark Tank

Featured on Episode 14 of Season 12 of Shark Tank, Sienna Sauce is a brand of wing sauces. Tyla-Simone Crayton and her mother, Houston native Monique Crayton, started the company.

They went to the Shark Tank in hopes of raising $100,000 in exchange for 10% ownership. They accepted Kendra Scott, a guest Shark, offering $100,000 for 20%.

Sienna Sauces has been receiving 5-star reviews on Amazon ever since the Shark Tank episode aired in February 2021, with buyers saying things like, Each bottle has its own great flavor. Definitely reorder.

Excellent flavor for all types of meat. Now, Tyla-Simone is concentrating on getting Sienna Sauce into canteens and dining halls.

Her mother exclaims, “which is going to open up so many doors for us for 2023,” after learning of her daughter’s partnership with a major distributor. Tyla-Simone is also developing a novel Sienna Sauce flavor.

Tyla-Simone will most likely be collaborating with Kendra Scott to increase her internet marketing and create additional flavors for Sienna Sauce.

Sienna Sauce Net Worth

Sienna Sauce Net Worth

While Sienna Sauce stated that its company was worth $1 million on Shark Tank, the final agreement was for $500,000. We estimate that Sienna Sauce net worth is $500,000.

Is Sienna Sauce Still In Business?

When Crayton first went on “Shark Tank” in 2021, Sienna Sauce was struggling to stay afloat. 

Now, the company is booming. Kendra Scott’s decision not to invest in the company appears to have had little impact. The company has expanded to the point where Crayton no longer needs the agreement Scott proposed in the episode.


Who Founded Sienna Sauce?

Sienna Sauce is run by Tyla-Simone Crayton, who is just 17 years old and works as the company’s CEO.

What is Sienna Sauce Net Worth?

Sienna Sauce net worth is $500K.

Is Sienna Sauce Still In Business?

Yes, Sienna Sauce is still in business.

Is there a deal in there?

Kendra Scott has indeed offered them a deal.

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