What Happened To Touch up Cup After Shark Tank?


Touch up Cup After Shark Tank Update: This touch-up cup was invented by Carson in 2017. Carson used to help his father Jason in painting the house. He is a young boy of 15 years, he made this product to help his father with house paint. Carson is a talented boy, his mind went into making this Touch Up Cup product which helps prevent the paint from getting wasted by falling down.

It is an innovative product that solves the disgusting smell and mixing issues of paints. It is mixed by adding paint to the storage container and shaking it through a stainless steel bowl, It is quite easy, in this the percentage of paint falling down is negligible.

If you use paints then you will know that when you use paint once, after that when air gets in it, it gets wasted. For this, the paint has to be stored in an air-tight container, the Touch up Cup are air-tight, waterproof containers.

What Is Touch up Cup?


The Touch up Cup is a sustainable paint storage container that is also air-tight, and waterproof. Touch Up cup is used to shake the paint and do it. It is quite useful and this product is manufactured by the company Doz Innovation.

It comes to you in different types of work, especially in painting. When you present the paint for painting, first of all, the paint has to be shaken so that the paint dissolves properly.

Due to it being air-tight and waterproof, the paint in it stays for a long time. In this, color, room, and date can be marked so that they can be identified correctly.

Touch-up cups are not limited to paint products only, they also make Touch Up Roller Saver, Touch Up Brushes, Touch Up Roller, Piggy Pouch, Donut Fresh, and Muffin Fresh.

Who Is The Founder Of Touch up Cup?

Carson Grill is the Founder and CEO of Touch-up Cup, its parent company, Dz Innovation. Paint mix and waste is a daily problem that happens to people every day, In today’s time people paint their own house because they are not professional, so they are not able to mix the paint properly. When he tries, some part of the paint falls down from him.

This 15-year-old boy was featured in many news channels after inventing this product in Cincinnati, Ohio Station, Spectrum News1.

Carson after completing his schooling at Bishop Fenwick High School in May 2022, High School Diploma, Entrepreneurship at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.

Touch up Cup Shark Tank Update

Company NameTouch up Cup
FounderJason Grill and Carson Grill
Productpaint storage container for your next paint
touch up project
Asked For$150k for 10% Equity
Final Deal$150k for 17.5% Equity
SharkBlake Mycoskie
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E1
Air DateOct 16, 2020
Business StatusIn Business
Touch up Cup Net Worth$1.5M *estimated
HeadquartersCincinnati Metropolitan, United States
Touch up Cup InstagramView Profile
Touch up Cup shark tank update and company details

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Touch up Cup On Shark Tank Pitch

After joining Carson and his father on Shark Tank, they asked for an investment of $150,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their company. After this Ask, the worth of this company is $1.5 million.

Mycoskie said that he would help them grow this business and it needed more money. Mycoskie’s offer about this business is $200K for 25% Equity. John made a direct offer of $200K for 17.5% Equity in this business without much talk.

Cuban said it was a very good business but he was out of it because the rest of the sharks had a great offer. The founder made a counteroffer to both sharks for $150,000 at a 17.5% stake.

Due to the counteroffer of $150K for 17.5% Equity of the founder, Mycoskie said that this is a good offer for him. Finally, Carson agreed to Mycoskie’s offer of $150k for 17.5% equity.

Touch Up Cup Net Worth


This father and son had valued their company at $1.5 million, but this was done after the offer changed in Shark Tank.

After the show Shark Tank and through marketing strategy, they generated sales of $2 million by 2021. Its growth graph is slowly moving upwards. In November 2022, the company’s sales reached $3 million. Touch Up Cup net worth currently estimated at $1.7 million.

Is Touch Up Cup Still In Business?

Yes, Touch Up Cup is still in business as of January 2023.

Touch Up Cup is growing slowly, it comes under its parent company Dz Innovations. After the success of the first product, Dz Innovations is launching many more innovative products.

Touch Up Cup product is also available on Amazon 65% of customers have rated this product 5 stars on Amazon.


 Who Is The Founder Of Touch-up Cup?

Carson Grill is the Founder and CEO of Touch-up Cup, its parent company, Dz Innovation.

What Is Touch Up Cup Net Worth?

The current worth of Touch Up Cup Company is $1.5 million.

Is Touch Up Cup Still In Business?

Yes, Touch Up Cup is still in business as of January 2023.

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