What Happened To Codi After Shark Tank?


Codi After Shark Tank Update: Codi is a product of Pillar Learning which has been made with the help of Artificial Intelligent (AI) Technology, It makes children learn things like educational stories, classic music, etc. Most artificial intelligence is being used in every field right now, this includes the education industry. Many toys are also available in the market which is going to be made through artificial intelligence.

More than 90% of the investors are investing in “AI” technology right now because they do not know that this is an industry that is going to grow very soon. The more benefits that Artificial Intelligence will provide, the more people will become unemployed through it. If artificial intelligence is used in every field, then people will not get work and they will not be able to survive.

What Is Codi?


Codi is a Product Of California base Pillar Learning Company. This pillar learning company was started in December 2017 by Yang and Oslebo. Mainly this Codi toy has been made for children above 12 months. Artificial technology has been used in making it and it has full visibility, it can be controlled through the phone.

Codi Tells 130+ Classic Stories, Classic Songs & Daily routines, Parents can encourage their kids to do daily Routine on their own through Codi. Through this Codi parent app (iOS and Android) parents can guide their kids to clean their room, brush daily, etc.

Before going to school, Codi teaches children all those things, after which children can communicate and make friends in school. The length of this robot is 8.5 inches and it has big eyes which look very cute. It has light in both ears which changes the colors in different emotions.

Who Is The Founder Of Codi?

The founders of Pillar Learning Company are Dayu Yang, Chris Oslebo, and William Mock, It is an educational tech startup whose product is Codi.

Pillar Learning Startup was founded so that it can be used in innovative technology, and educational research, And through this, the children of 12 months and 7 years can get their minds educated outside the classroom as well.

Pillar Learning focuses that it can be giving all the knowledge to the children before school which is easy for them to understand their studies in school.

Codi Shark Tank Update

Company NameCodi (Pillar Learning)
FounderWilliam Mock, Dayu Yang, and Chris Oslebo
Producteducation storytelling toy robot for social
and emotional learning
Asked For$500k for 10% equity
Final Deal$500k for 25% Equity
SharkDaniel Lubetzky
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E8
Air DateDec 11, 2020
Business StatusIn Business
Codi Net Worth$2M *estimated
HeadquartersCalifornia, United States
Codi InstagramView Profile
Codi shark tank update and company details

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Codi On Shark Tank Pitch

Codi Toy’s founders Dayu Yang, Chris Oslebo, and William Mock asked for $500,000 for 10% equity in Shark Tank. The funding that the founder sought for this product of Pillar Learning was in the form of a $5 million valuation.

The founder gave a complete demo session on this product. The manufacturing cost of this product is $25.76 and the retail customer cost is $99.99, However, in 2022, the customer selling price of this product is $124.99.

Lori Greiner said that she is worried about its competition and the cost, so she is out of this reason. Robert Herjavec first congratulated the founder for his work, But Robert believed that the kids would very soon become bored with Codi if they found a different toy.

Barbara Corcoran said about this business that this product is not for making money, so she is out of this offer. After much thought, Mark Cuban gave his point of view, he loves executives but this product cannot be scaled. Robert Herjavec made his final counteroffer of $500k for 25% equity, saying he would not be able to go down. Dayu Yang, Chris Oslebo, and William Mock signed the deal with Robert Herjavec for $500k for 25% equity.

Codi Net Worth


Before talking about Codi’s net worth, if we look at his mask in Shark Tank, he tried to invest in $5 million valuations. He got a deal at a $2 million valuation and this company also generated $1.2 million in annual revenue in 2020. Codi’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Is Codi Still In Business?

This is the update of July 2022, in this the Codi robot toy business is running and it has been made available on different platforms as well.

Due to this toy being expensive, there are very few parents who are buying this product for their children.

Codi is providing free content for the children right now but in the coming time, it can also bring paid content.


Who Is The Founder Of Codi?

The founders of Pillar Learning Company are Dayu Yang, Chris Oslebo, and William Mock.

What Is Codi Net Worth?

Codi’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Is Codi Still In Business?

Yes, Codi is Still In Business.

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