What Happened To Hairy Grabster After Shark Tank?


Grabster After Shark Tank Update: Have you ever had a drain become clogged due to hair? If you have, you understand the level of frustration involved. And now, thanks to a product called Hairy Grabster, there is! The Hairy Grabber removes excess hair and stops them from getting caught in the drain.

What Is Hairy Grabsters?

The Illinois-based startup Hairy Grabster has developed a product to help with the problem of stray hairs in the bathroom.

The Hairy Grabster works by catching hair as you run your hands over it, preventing it from entering the drain. When you need to get rid of hair quickly, just connect the Grabster to any flat surface and run your hands over it.

You may use the bristles to clean the bathroom and get rid of those annoying hairs at the same time! After drying, it’s also quite simple to clean.

Who Is The Founder Of Hairy Grabsters?

Andrew and Patricia Watne, a married couple, are the company’s original founders. Illinois, USA, is located near the company’s headquarters.

Founder Hairy Grabsters

Patricia spent 30 years with Mitchell’s Flowers, Inc., contributing to everything from catalogs to store design, thanks to her passion for both flowers and design. In 2018, however, she established The Watne Group LLC with a singular mission: to develop elegant solutions to chronic problems.

Andrew began his professional life in options trading, although he has subsequently had positions in many different businesses.

Pros Of Hairy Grabsters

  • Washes away hair tangles
  • Keeps shower floors and walls clean by catching hair
  • Shower wall suction cups are simple to attach
  • Easy to clean
  • Patented inventions
  • drains cleared out
  • Cost-effective

Know About the Hairy Grabsters Shark Tank Update

A total of 2000 units were sold a few months after the episode of Hairy Grubster aired.

Their Amazon store accounted for more than 70% of all sales. More than 57% of reviewers on Amazon gave this product 5 stars, so clearly, people like it. As of the month of August in the year 2022, there have no official revenue data for this company.

Hairy Grabsters Shark Tank Update

Company NameHairy Grabster
FounderAndy Watne and Patty Watne
Producthair-grabbing shower attachment
Asked For$75,000 for 20% Equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Hairy Grabster Shark Tank Episode Season 12 Episode 18
Air DateMarch 26, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
Hairy Grabster Net Worth$350K (estimated)
Hairy Grabsters InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Hairy Grabster Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Hairy Grabste Shark Tank Pitch

The Hairy Grabster prevents shower drain clogs. Andy and Patty Watne requested $75,000 for a 20% stake in their family company, The Watne Group LLC, on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 18. The Sharks did not make a deal for this item.

The episode sold over 2000 Hairy Grabsters. The company sold the device in January 2023. Andy and Patty revealed that Hairy Grabsters had only sold $600 during the pitch. The product cost $1.30 to create and sell for $9.95, and the company stored 5,000 units.

Hairy Grabster is still marketing its goods, but the Sharks did not invest. After the show aired, the product sold over 2000 units, compared to $600 during the pitch.

What Happened To Hairy Grabsters After Shark Tank?

This marketing niche sells things. Mark recommended influencer marketing for this product.

Amazon, Walmart, and their website sell this product. After the founder’s Zulily sales event, several salons and gift stores carry this product.

This industry faces several issues. Patty, the CEO, manages sales and marketing. Patty understands the business and is working full-time to build it.


This unique training tool works for everyone. Influencer marketing works best.

Mark is convinced that Syed Patty is behind this. They should be successful. Patty takes care of the housework, while Andy oversees quality containers, communication, social media, orders, and everyday operations.

Andy Watne will be a full-time healthcare project manager in August 2022. They’re considering hiring a marketing team to build their business.

Patty wants to introduce a product with an innovative function. She is still thinking.

Is Hairy Grabsters Still In Business?

The Hairy Grabber is still in business. They haven’t given up on their dream yet, and they’re still working on the product.

Patty promoted her goods in local saloons to increase sales. She began making sales on the Internet, which made sense given the lack of a physical storefront at the time.

Their profits took a hit when the whole world was quarantined due to a pandemic.

Saloons were forced to close, while internet commerce carried on, although with reduced capacity, after the disaster. Despite the initial episode’s failure, the company’s business has since flourished. As of March 2022, they have sold over 2000 pieces since the show was broadcast.

Hairy Grabster Net Worth

After the pitch, the company’s net worth was determined to be $375,000. As of December 2021, the company is still active, suggesting it has grown in value since then.
Hairy Grabsters Competitors

Place HairyGrabster on a shower partition. Bristles catch loose hair. After showering, wipe the HairyGrabster with a hairbrush.

Next shower, reinsert it. Unlike other products that trap loose hair in the drain, this is the first to remove hair straight from hands and eliminate it while washing to prevent it from traveling down the drain or on the walls. HairyGrabster cleans hair-clogged drains for you!


Who Founded Hairy Grabsters?

Hairy Grabster was developed by Illinois natives Patricia and Andrew Watne.

What is Hairy Grabsters Net Worth?

Hairy Grabster Net Worth is $350K.

Is Hairy Grabsters Still In Business?

Amazon, Walmart, and their website sell it. The entrepreneur promoted this product during the Zulily sales event, making it popular in salons and gift stores.

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