Aman Gupta Success Story – CMO and Co-founder of boAt

Aman-Gupta-Success-Story-CMO-and Co-founder-of-boAt

Friends, who do not know the co-founder and CMO of boAt, Aman Gupta, in today’s date, within just 5 years, he made his 15 lakh company boAt a 1500 crore company.

Aman Gupta said in an episode of Shark Tank that he and his company are the goons of the world of electric gadgets. And actually, this is also true because boAt is the 5th most wearable brand in the world in today’s time.

Aman Gupta – Education & Professional Life

First, let’s talk about the education of Aman Gupta, then Aman was born in Delhi and grew up there. He completed his studies in commerce at a school in Delhi and later at Delhi University.

After that, like the rest of his family, Aman also studied CA. And became the youngest CA of your batch. After this Aman worked at Citibank but he did not enjoy it there, so he left his job and opened his own business.

But this first business of Aman was a company named Advance Telemedia Private Limited. Which was a family business in which many of his relatives used to work with him. Here he learned many qualities of marketing.

After working in this company for about 5 years, on the advice of his wife, he decided to do an MBA. And took an MBA degree in Finance and Strategy from the Indian School of Business, which is India’s top management college.

After this, he got placement in KPMG company as a senior management consultant. However, for a long time, his mind did not feel even here.

After 8 months, he left that job and worked as a sales director at Harman Internationals. Aman Gupta gained a lot of experience in the electronic market by working in different companies.

Aman Gupta – Enter Electronic Market

So in 2014, he decided that he would start the business of electronic items. But at that time there were already many such companies in the Indian market, and even thinking of replacing them was a difficult task.

Aman Gupta did not shy away from his decision and after 2 years of research, finally in 2016 Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta started boAt by putting 15 lakh rupees from their pocket.

But after all, the boAt has already taken steps in the market to replace the companies.
How did they do their strategy? Now because their products were youth-oriented, so they understood the choice of youth and how they think while taking the product. For this, he kept young interns in his company.

After this, to make the boAt a brand, he made celebrities like Karthik Aryan, Hire Advani, and Guru Randhawa his brand ambassadors among the popular celebs among the youth. Because he knew that the youth would be affected more by these celebs.

But even after all this, the competition was not over. At that time, wireless headphones came into a lot of discussion in the market, but popular brands like Apple and JBL products were expensive, Aman noticed that these products are expensive because they have been made for that audience who have a good understanding of music. This means who not only listens to the song but also means by its pitch etc. But Aman knew that Indian customers only want a good quality product at a reasonable price.

And for this, he started work on it. And made intermediate products that were not too expensive and cheap but not perishable like Chinese products. As you are seeing today that the strategy of Aman worked. And today the boAt has become the 5th most wearable brand in the world.

But everything was not so easy even after seeing the boAt, many other companies also started hiring young celebs. But Aman Gupta was ahead every step of the way. The boAt also started making wearable products like Smartwatches.

The net worth of boAt as of today is around 700 crores. Recently, Aman also appeared as a shark in the Indian version of the American show Shark Tank India.

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