What Happened To SoaPen After Shark Tank?


SoaPen After Shark Tank Update: SoaPen is a hand washing soap in the form of a pen made for washing the hands of kids. With this hand soap pen, children can wash their hands by making different designs in their hands. It acts like a soap and most kids like this type of stuff.

It was found in a survey that there are about 43% children who do not wash their hands properly. Generally this is a normal thing because there are many children who do not like to wash their hands. Because they are so much busy in the activity, they do not remember.

To solve this handwash problem of children, two India born women Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar have introduced SoaPen product. This product looks like a pen and helps children to wash their hands properly.

What Is SoaPen?


SoaPen is a handwash soap made for kids with pen design. This soap is available in three colors Tangy Tangerine(Red), Berry Blast(Blue) and Fresh Pear(Green). Each pen contains 33 ml of soap. Children’s hands are very soft, that’s why SLS, parabens, phathalates and EDTA have not been used in Soap.

Kids can use this soap very easily. All they have to do is draw it on their hand and rub it with some water in their hand. After this, the hand has to be cleaned with water, this process is done in 20 to 40 seconds.

You can buy this soap as a subscription model and one-time purchase. Its price will be $17.99 in One Time Purchase and $16.19 in the subscription model. This soap is available on both the platforms of Amazon and Company’s website.

Who Is The Founder Of SoaPen?

Two India-born women Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar are the co-founders of the New York base “SoaPen Inc” company. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) degree from Parsons School of Design, Anand worked for 9 months in production and logistics at ASH NYC. In 2015, she was running the company SoaPen Inc along with her friend Shubham.

Shubham worked as a fabricator at Stand & Build for 10 months after completing her BFA from Parsons School of Design.

SoaPen Shark Tank Update

Company NameSoaPen
FounderNick Hamburger and Zach Schrier
Producthigh protein snack chips made from egg whites
Asked For$200k for 5% equity
Final Deal$200k for 10% equity + $200,000 line of credit
SharkDaniel Lubetzky
Episode (Shark Tank USA)S12 E11
Air DateJan 22, 2021
Business StatusIn Business
SoaPen Net Worth$0.3M *estimated
HeadquartersChicago, Illinois, United States
SoaPen InstagramView Profile
SoaPen shark tank update and company details

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SoaPen On Shark Tank Pitch

Anand and Issar both entered Shark Tank with their company SoaPen and asked the sharks for $100K for a 10% equity. They gave a very good presentation about their product and Issar had come to USA at the age of 17 to study as a designer.

Its lifetime sales are $85,000 and the beta version of this business was launched in 2019. So far this company has not raised any funding and they have not invested money in marketing. Kevin O’Leary said that this company is at an early stage for him, so he is out of it.

Mark Cuban used to say that you are not early but you should know how to sell. This product should be promoted through social media and people should be told about it. But this is not an investment for Mark, then he is out.

Robert Herjavec says “he Couldn’t admire or respect you more”, but he’s out of it for now. Lori Greiner said this business is still early for her so she is out of it.

After this Nirav said that he had made a mistake and he offered $100K for a 10% equity + a $1 royalty for every unit sold until $200K is paid to Anand and Issar in which his wife would help in this business. Anand and Issar agreed to Nirav’s offer.

SoaPen Net Worth


This company had revealed its sales report in Shark Tank and it is not such a good report after running the business for so long. Going by the sales reports of Shark Tank, we think SoaPen Worth to be in the range of $0.1 million to $0.3 million.

Is SoaPen Still In Business?

Yes, SoaPen is still in business as of December 2022.

This product is available all over the United States and it is also available on Amazon Global platform. If someone buys this product from Amazon, then they can also get a discount.

Currently, this Private Manufacturers Handmade Soap Company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, United States.


Who is the Owner of SoaPen?

Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar are the co-founders of the SoaPen.

What Is SoaPen Net Worth?

SoaPen Worth to be in the range of $0.1 million to $0.3 million

Is SoaPen Still In Business?

Yes, SoaPen is still in business as of December 2022.

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