Rowdy Momos Cafe: From Corporate Career to Momo Entrepreneurship


Story of Rowdy Momos Cafe: Momo is on its way to becoming India’s new favorite food. It is believed that the market for momo, which is regarded to be the most popular street food in India, is close to $2.7 billion. Momo lovers ordered more than 1 crore of them from Zomato.

The tale of how Varun Kapoor went from having a promising career at HUL to establishing Rowdy Momos Cafe is an uplifting example of the importance of achieving one’s aspirations and following one’s passion. 

The trip to Sikkim that he took in 2016 that profoundly impacted his life is primarily responsible for his newly discovered passion for momos. 

In the midst of his love for the different varieties and flavors of momos, Kapoor made the decision that would turn his life upside down: he quit his job in the corporate world. Let’s look at the journey of Rowdy Momos Cafe.

Origin of Rowdy Momos Cafe

The Rowdy Momos Cafe experimented with the momo export industry from the time it first opened its doors in 2020 until 2022. Additionally, in the year 2023, they created a franchise model that did not include any royalty or franchise costs. 

This was a unique approach. The fact that this one-of-a-kind method appeared to be a low-risk way to generate money attracted the curiosity of many people who wished to start their own businesses.

How is Rowdy’s momos different?


With its innovative approach, Rowdy Momos is more than just your typical momo joint; it’s a creative spin on the classic momo outlet that has changed the restaurant business. Rowdy Momos’ unique business approach and Varun’s wealth of food expertise set it apart from the competition.

Zero Franchise Fees and Royalty

In contrast to other competitors in the market, Rowdy Momos breaks the mold by charging no franchise fees at all, leaving prospective franchisees with nothing but continuous royalties to pay. This provides entrepreneurs with a profitable opportunity to invest without the financial burden that comes with franchising.

No Chef Cook Required

Recruiting and retaining talented chefs and cooks is one of the main problems facing the food industry. By creating a method that doesn’t require hiring skilled cooking staff, Rowdy Momos removes this difficulty. The simplified procedures and exclusive recipes guarantee that everyone may effectively produce their items.

100% Training Support from the Company

At Rowdy Momos, Varun, a momo expert with over seven years of expertise, leads the training support. This assistance is provided to franchisees and their employees as well, making sure that every aspect of the business from food production to customer service complies with the Company’s exacting requirements.

Wide Variety of Products

Rowdy Momos found an opportunity in the industry as most momo-focused retailers only carried a small selection of products. Varun’s concept went beyond making conventional momos to include a wide variety of goods. With a 70+ product menu ranging from pizzas to burgers, waffles, and more, Rowdy Momos is a one-stop shop for a variety of palates and appeals to a wider demographic.

Wrapping It Up

Rowdy Momos has quickly expanded due to its disruptive business model and creative attitude. In a short amount of time, the brand has already spread to seven states. Varun’s experience, the distinctive business plan, the variety of products offered, and the network of support available to franchisees have all come together to produce a winning recipe that appeals to both business owners and consumers.

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