What Happened To Easy Treezy After Shark Tank?


When the holiday season rolls around, most people search for simple methods to decorate their trees. Luckily, you have a less time-consuming option. That’s where the pre-decorated Christmas trees from Easy Treezy come in they’ll take the stress out of decorating for the holidays. Kurt Stange, the person behind the Easy Treezy pre-decorated Christmas trees, got the idea after customers approached him after viewing his creative lighting displays and said he could do the same with Christmas trees.

What Is Easy Treezy?

Easy Treezy is essentially a Christmas tree. The trees, though, are truly exceptional. Easy Trezy is known for making foldable Christmas trees with removable cones. It is possible to create an attractive tree out of the cones by stacking them. 


Some of the cones have additional accessories in addition to the lights and artificial pine needles seen on the outside. Prices for the trees go from $270 to $899.

Who Is The Founder Of Easy Treezy?

Kurt Stange Founder Of Easy Treezy

Kurt Stange developed Easy Treezy. Stange had graduated from the University of Miami and started his first business while he was there. After he graduated, Kurt went back to work at his old job and started a new one called Miami Christmas Lights. People asked him to add a tree from his house to Miami Christmas, so Kurt came up with a new business brand called Easy Treezy.

Kurt had an idea, but it wasn’t possible to make the whole thing, so he went overseas and started Easy Treezy Christmas Trees. When the product came out, they were able to sell all of the units on QVC. They also hired 18 full-time workers to run their warehouse.


  • Buying a pre-decorated tree simplifies holiday preparations.
  • Stunning red, white, and gold decorations
  • Warm color-changing LED lights pre-lit.
  • Superior magnetic design for quick and simple setup
  • Authentic-appearing needles


  • Expensive way to decorate your Christmas tree

Know About the Easy Treezy Shark Tank Update

Despite Easy Treezy’s failure to secure financing on Shark Tank, the company nevertheless managed to bring in millions of dollars throughout the 2019 holiday season. A lot of facts about the company are missing at the moment.

Easy Treezy Shark Tank Update

Company NameEasy Treezy
FounderKurt Stange
ProductPre-decorated artificial Christmas tree
Asked For$400k for 10% equity
Final DealNo Deals
SharkNo Sharks
Easy Treezy Shark Tank Episode S11 E9
Air DateDec 1, 2019
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersMiami Beach, Florida, US
Easy Treezy Net Worth$50M *estimated
Easy Treezy InstagramView Profile
GO TO AMAZONView Product
Easy Treezy Company And Shark Tank Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Easy Treezy on Shark Tank Pitch

Kurt sought $400,000 for a 10% interest in his $4 million company on the Tank. He talked about how his company worked, which involved selling trees that cost between $299 and $799.

The Sharks wanted the trees, but they were too pricey and claimed a lost $8 million Home Department order.

The high price point turned off many Sharks despite the company’s predicted $2.2 million in revenues this year.

Kurt offered 25% of the company for $400,000, while Robert Herjavec offered 40%.

Easy Treezy After Shark Tank


the deal was made on the show, and the sharks seemed very upset by Easy Treezy as well. The same humiliation helped Easy Treezy after the show. After the show aired, Easy Trezy became much more popular than before. Kurt went on the show in hopes that his showing on “Shark Tank” would help him sell everything he had left.

The sharks didn’t like Kurt’s $4,000,000 value during the pitch. After the show, Easy Treezy started selling in big shops like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walmart. 

Prices for Easy Treezy range from $279 to $899, but they are different at each store.

Easy Trezy makes two sizes of Christmas trees-

  • 5.5 feet 
  • 7.5 feet

Kurt says that it takes less time to set up an Easy Trezy tree than to eat a cookie.

Storage bags, decorating kits, wreaths, garlands, and more were added to Easy Treezy’s website. 

Easy Treezy Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Easy Treezy for this year is $1.2 million. This is a business that can only run during the Christmas season. Most people spend a lot of money at Christmas.

Is Easy Treezy Still In Business?

Easy Treezy is still working. Kurt kept running Easy Treezy and working on his goal despite the lack of interest from shark investors. The Easy Treezy product lineup has expanded to include storage toys, decorating kits, garlands, and wreaths. As of the year 2022, Easy Trezy is selling well and is widely accessible at discount retailers like Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Easy Treezy Competitors

  • Decorating Elves
  • Holiday Lights
  • Stats Flora
  • Merry Stockings
  • Mobile lllumination
  • Lake Normal Pest control


Founded Easy Treezy?

Kurt Stange, who lives in Chippewa Falls, created Easy Treezy. Stange has started many businesses. He started his first one while he was still a student at the University of Miami.

What is Easy Treezy Net Worth?

Easy Treezy Net Worth is $1.2 million.

Is Easy Treezy Still In Business?

Yes, Easy Treezy is still in business.

Did he get the deal?

He did not do that. The price point was too high for the sharks.

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