What Happened To Swift Paws After Shark Tank?


Swift Paws After Shark Tank Update: SwiftPaws creator and CEO Meghan Wolfgram always loved animals. She wants the best for Piper and Pretzel, her pets. She spent a lot of time designing SwiftPaws with dog behaviorists and trainers to enhance and exercise her pups.

The capture-the-flag game SwiftPaws is fantastic for dog exercise and cerebral engagement. It has a main unit, corner pulleys, and a flag-containing rope. A remote control lets the dog owner simply alter the flag’s direction, giving your dog exciting activities.

What Is Swift Paws?

Swift Paws Products

SwiftPaws is an animal lifestyle company that creates fun and functional goods to improve the quality of life for dogs. SwiftPaws Home, the company’s flagship product, lets pet owners set up the ultimate game of the pursuit in their own yards.

simple to assemble and just the thing for limited-time pet owners who still want to provide their pets with the healthy, enjoyable exercise they need.

provide a pleasant outlet for your dog’s energy and can help prevent harmful behaviors that might come from boredom in just a few minutes of playtime.


  • SwiftPaws is dog-safe with built-in safety measures.
  • Dogs want to chase the lure toy because it speeds 30mph.
  • A single battery powers the dog toy for 10 minutes.
  • The equipment’s substance is durable.


  • The product is expensive compared to other dog toys.
  • The battery lasts 10 minutes after charging for hours.

Who Is The Founder Of Swift Paws?

Meghan Wolfgram Founder of SwiftPaws

Meghan Wolfgram started SwiftPaws and works as its CEO.

She has worked with dog behaviorists, trainers, and zoos on cheetah and other animal species’ enrichment for almost a decade. Wolfgram followed her heart on a 10-year quest for achievement that ultimately resulted in the founding of SwiftPaws.

SwiftPaws successfully raised funds of almost $73,000 on Kickstarter toward the end of 2017 to develop SwiftPaws Home. 

Consumers were slow to buy the mechanical lure, which retails for $450.

By 2020, the company had raised over $670,000, had built up manufacturing, and expanded its staff. 

SwiftPaws made over $400,000 in the second half of 2020.

Swiftpaw is also the name of a character in Erin Hunter’s Warriors series of books.

Know About the Swift Paws Shark Tank Update

SwiftPaws makes “capture the flag” dog toys. Meghan Wolfgram, the founder, asked Shark Tank in September 2021 for $240,000 for 6% stock, valuing the business at $4 million.

Meghan pitched SwiftPaws, which had $1.5 million in lifetime sales but low profit margins. 

Despite this, Lori Greiner purchased Meghan for $240,000 and 6% equity.

SwiftPaws’ inventory increased after the April 2022 Shark Tank episode in expectation of a sales boom and sold out in three weeks.

The company will sell $1.5 million in 2023. However, the April 2023 SwiftPaws update investigation found no new figures.

SwiftPaws is doing well after Shark Tank. The company has increased inventory and is on target to sell $1.5 million this year.

Swift Paws Shark Tank Update

Company NameSwift Paws
FounderMeghan Wolfgram
ProductHealth & wellness lifestyle brand for pets
Asked For$240k for 6% equity
Final Deal$240k for 6% equity
SharkLori Greiner
Swift Paws Shark Tank Episode S13 E19
Air DateApril 8, 2022
Business StatusIn Business
HeadquartersMelbourne, Florida, United States
Swift Paws Net Worth$2.5M Estimated
Swift Paws Instagram
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Swift Paws Shark Tank And Company Details

Another Shark Tank Pitch:

Swift Paws on Shark Tank Pitch


SwiftPaws was released on Shark Tank in 2023 and negotiated with Lori Greiner for $240,000 for 6% equity, according to search results.

Sales surged after the episode aired, and the company reached $1 million before the holidays.

SwiftPaws increased their inventory to prepare for post-show sales and sold out in three weeks. The business is on track to sell $1.5 million this year.

SwiftPaws makes professional and home lure-coursing equipment for dogs. Meghan Wolfgram founded SwiftPaws because she enjoys dog agility events.

SwiftPaws earned $4 million in four investment rounds before going on Shark Tank.

After Shark Tank, SwiftPaws is still growing and promoting new goods on its website, but the search results say nothing else.

Swift Paws After Shark Tank

SwiftPaws grew and added products after Shark Tank. After filming, the business began selling flirt poles and beings on their website.

SwiftPaws sold $100,000 and ran out the day after Shark Tank aired. In early October 2022, the business announced that it had reached $1 million in sales before the holidays.

SwiftPaws has grown rapidly since receiving money, and Shark Tank has helped sales. Due to low development, SwiftPaws’ net worth and valuation may rise from $2.4 million.

Swift Paws Net Worth

Swift Paws Net Worth

SwiftPaws has a current Net Worth and Valuation Estimate of $2.4 Million, which may grow in the future owing to modest development.

Is Swift Paws Still In Business?

SwiftPaws is still working as of March 2023. According to reports, Meghan Wolfgram’s company has successfully acquired capital from a total of four investors and is now operating with anywhere from one to ten people.

Swift Paws Competitors

  • PetSafe
  • Nerf Dog Store
  • SportDOG Brand Store


Who Founded Swift Paws?

Meghan Wolfgram is the company’s founder. Melbourne, Florida, is the headquarters of the company’s main office.

What is Swift Paws Net Worth?

Swift Paws Net Worth is $2.5M.

Is Swift Paws Still In Business?

Yes, Swift Paws is still in business.

Did SwiftPaws secure a deal from Shark Tank?

SwiftPaws did, in fact, reach a deal with Lori Greiner for $240,000 in exchange for 6% stock, per the founder’s initial conditions. 

Which Shark Tank investor bought SwiftPaws?

Lori Greiner put up $240,000 in exchange for 6% ownership. In fact, she awarded Meghan Wolfgram the Golden Ticket for her full investment in the company that they requested upon entering the Tank.

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